Contract Laws

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Our Roles & Responsibilities

Every aspect of business contract, tax contract, cost-imbursement contracts and other varied forms of contract formation is performed by our team .Exceptionally, incorporation of each of the terms and conditions are as per the whims and fancies of the clients. Providing clients the knowledge of the language of the clients

  • Drafting the settlements , contracts, agreements encompassing of all kinds of contracts
  • Ensuring that the rights of the clients are duly protected
  • Any in case of violation as per the terms of the contracts is subject to compensation or fine as the case may be
  • Enforceability of the contract is also taken care of by our lawyers
  • Insertion of few terms & conditions in business contract or any type of contract leaving a lucrative impact
  • Maintaining a balance in understanding the language of the contract between the clients.

Areas of Practice

Non – Disclosure Agreement

Nondisclosure agreements give a business owner legal status if a vendor, supplier, service provider, independent contractor, or employee shares proprietary or confidential information about your business. It is included under general business contracts

Patnership Agreement

A partnership agreement brings out the relationship between partners, as well as their individual obligations and contributions in a business organization

Indemnity Agreement

An indemnity agreement is a contract in which one person agrees to indemnify, or "hold harmless" any other person for damages resulting from a particular agreement with


A paternity lawsuit is of prime necessary to determine parental rights if the identity of the biological father of the child is put into question. A paternity determination requires deployment of a wide range of family law issues such as child custody, visitation and support of the child. Depending on the circumstances and after effects a paternity suit is filed or defended there on.

General Employment Contract

An employment contract well elucidates the general relationship between the employer & the employee, including duration, compensation, benefits, grounds for termination, and any other issues that relate to your specific business such as ownership of work produced. There are also certain areas of General Employment Contract on which we work upon

Non-Complete Agreement

A non-compete agreement specifies a period of time in which an employee is prohibited from competing with your business once he or she leaves your company. We also touch upon such area of tasks.

Independent Contractor Agreement

There are strict criteria’s for determining whether a business relationship is of an employer/employee or independent contractor. If a client is willing to enter into a relationship with a person to provide a particular service or complete an individual project then in that case we support to bring forth such agreements.