Banking Laws

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Roles & Responsibilities

Every financial sector & its customers are bound to credit worthiness in the form of loans i.e. Housing, Personal, Educational or Car .Our team is prowess in handling all kinds of banking disputes along with that contesting & defending all matters pertaining to bank. We cater to guarantee cases, Indemnity cases, recovery matters, loan cases, defending debt recovery matters against banks. Our team well handles all the issues related to banking transactions commencing from the determination of the limits, restructuring of bank loans, transferring of the bank loans till settlement of the interest rates etc. is speculated from the legal lacunae. The banks perform all kinds of banking business. Since banks are responsible for advancing short-term loans, medium-term and long-term lending to the businessmen and traders holding business entity or industry of any vivid size ranging from small scale to large scale. Majority of the commercial banks are in the public sector. Banking laws are basically controlled by various kinds of guidelines and notifications issued from time to time by the Reserve Bank of India. Banking laws are very important from the point of view of debt repayment, debt restructuring and debt recovery.

  • Lending in commercial disputes.
  • Seizure of property illegally
  • Failure on the part of the bank to abide by contractual obligations.
  • Disputes over property re-possession or foreclosures to be done by the bank.
  • Disputes regarding the amount of money that should be in a particular account.
  • Disputes over claims of fraudulent activities being practised on the customer's account or any malpractice observed.
  • Recovery of the loans with the assistance of recovery agents in collaboration with our lawyers when dire need arises.
  • Litigation for commercial loan facility, finance on property, acquisition and also on assets.
  • Disputes of Inter – Banking nature.
  • Financial fraud, anti-money laundering, emergency reaction, asset preservation and tracing, criminal/regulatory investigations.
  • Claiming bank claims & lender claims against professionals.
  • Distressed debt and insolvency litigation along with loan/security recovery management completely under legal ambit.
  • Defending and instituting debt recovery cases before various courts and all types of banking or banking transactions related disputes.