Family Laws

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Our Roles & Responsibilities

The indispensable role that play lawyer is resort to peaceful culture by means of resolving any kind of family disputes between individuals in society. Preserving the family relationship, most crucially preserving the interest of child lies in main stream. Rampant issues are faced by families and across legal issues in family is basic standard of every family. Our family lawyers play key role & are immensely dedicated in resolving issues which require legal action as divorce, guardianship, alimony, domestic violence, legitimacy maintenance, child custody & negligence and other issues coming under the spectrum of family law.

  • During a divorce proceedings presenting a client, preparing pleadings, filings, attending trials
  • Relocating an appropriate source of advice
  • Complete legal assistance in case of adoption cases
  • We also resort to look after and provide legal assistance in estate and will matters
  • In case of family disagreements acting as a mediator to come up with acute & satisfactory resolution.

Areas of Practice


Adoption is the legalised processes which in the parental rights are passes on to the adopting parents, therefore forming a new parent-child relationship. There are different methods of adoption, any method which the client wants to opt for we provide liberty and carry forward the adoption in that method in order to keep the client at ease. Our legal team always assists to understand the issues involved in adopting a child, prepare all the necessary documentation and represent the client at the adoption hearings.


If any client is considering a divorce as an option for separation from their marital rights, firstly we note down the reasons then offer objective insights on how to protect one’s interests and preserve the well-being of children. We are well versed in the key issues that must be resolved in any dispute that is leading to divorce, including the division of property, spousal maintenance & child custody.

Child Custody

Generally a situation arises after judicial separation or divorce the custody of the child comes into question. Such interrogations are solved by analysing at both the ends, pros & cons without impacting the tender age and future of the child. Hence the determination is done with whom shall the child live and custody is awarded accordingly.


A paternity lawsuit is of prime necessary to determine parental rights if the identity of the biological father of the child is put into question. A paternity determination requires deployment of a wide range of family law issues such as child custody, visitation and support of the child. Depending on the circumstances and after effects a paternity suit is filed or defended there on.

Division of Property

Property acquired during a marriage must be divided equally as per the terms during or before the commencement of marriage. We represent a wide range of clients, including middle income couples, small business entity owners and lavishly well-off individual, and have an in depth understanding of the factors the courts depend on in reaching these determinations.